TorqueWerk: Your custom motor is our standard 

TorqueWerk motors can be scaled to fit your torque requirement extremely well due to their segmented build and modularity. As direct drives, the motor modules are particularly suitable for integration into your application. Regardless of your target application, substituting an existing motor or developing a new series with restricted motor space, TorqueWerk has the engineering expertise to support you as its customer.

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The TorqueWerk concept consists of a segmented and scalable drive based on a modern synchronous reluctance machine (SynRM). The modular design enables your company to select the best fitting module number and diameter from our modular building blocks to utilize the available motor space for any torque requirement.

a) Band saw belt drive, b) integrated TorqueWerk segmented motor


Depending on your requirements, the number of stator modules and the design of motor can be varied. Partially equipped stators can easily be extended by adding additional stator modules to cover the torque requirements across a wide range of applications. Each partially equipped motor module can be operated autonomously, if required.

The pancake (short axial length) design allows a compact and easy integration into your system. The motors achieve the highest torque density and the IE4 efficiency class. The torque optimum is of course achieved with a fully equipped machine. However, this does not apply to material cost and production costs. A cost optimum for TorqueWerk motors results in a segmented pancake shape and large diameter. Increasing the rotor diameter and keeping the output torque constant results in a reduction of the stator module segmentation angle. This segmentation angle reduction can decrease machine cost furthermore.

The quadratic increase in torque by increasing the rotor diameter causes not only a gear ratio for the torque, but also for constant torque, the segmentation angle necessary decreases.





No Boundaries – At last! New Freedom of Geometry

The segmentation and partial equipment of motors enable new freedom of geometry for motor integration. The space required here is not necessarily cylindrical, but allows maximum torque in difficult and rectangular volume specifications. Our goal, for a custom drive, is to design the best machine fitting your specified volume.